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5 Amazing Homemade Remedies With Honey And Cinnamon


Honey and cinnamon have certainly become indispensable components in international cuisine, not only for its delicious taste and aroma, but also because of its many advantages. Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat cold symptoms and add more flavor to food, and here are 5 amazing home remedies based on honey and cinnamon:
1. The honey, cinnamon and lemon syrup for cough
If you caught the flu and you’re intense coughing, then you should that honey know will certainly be useful – everything you need for a delicious, nutritious and effective syrup against the all-natural cough is a cup of honey three tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, cinnamon in a spoon and a quarter cup of warm water. mix slowly add the lemon juice with honey, then gradually add hot water and then take one or two teaspoons of syrup for cough home before bedtime to relieve the symptoms of cough, without side effects.
2. Natural Energy Booster
If you feel that you lack energy and you need an energy boost, but you do not want to resort to pills and supplements that you can find on the market, then you should know that honey can be combined with cinnamon a real booster natural and be energy efficient. These two ingredients in equal parts magic and you will be better focused and energetic for your daily tasks!
3. Arthritis Cure with cinnamon and honey
Arthritis is a very common condition and affects millions of people worldwide – if you are a sick, then you probably know how difficult it is, the condition to keep under control. That is, only two tablespoons of honey mixed with one teaspoon of cinnamon and a cup of water before breakfast. It must be said that this is a long-term treatment of arthritis and should show to be taken continuously for the results. if you have enough but follow the treatment time, you will notice the symptoms of arthritis slowly begin to decrease.
4. Enhance your immune system
Mix two tablespoons of honey with cinnamon teaspoon if you have experienced problems with your immune system, and consume them on a daily basis. Not only honey and cinnamon stimulate your immune system and make you stronger in the face of viral and bacterial attacks, but it will also provide your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.
5. Indigestion Cure And Relieve stomach acid
Last but not least, combining honey with cinnamon support the proper functioning of the immune system, and will also reduce stomach acid. Often our stomachs produce more acid than they actually are, especially if we eat spicy food – if that happens, we can experience the annoying heartburn. Fortunately, mix one tablespoon of honey with cinnamon teaspoon keep on the safe side!
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