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Step Into the Future With 5 Advances in Orthopedic Surgery


The medical field is always growing and changing. Doctors are still trying to create the best patient experience and treatment work. Today, there are procedures available for certain conditions that could have been the end of a person ten years ago. Like other areas of medicine, orthopedics has evolved over the years into a specialty that deals with many conditions.

Increased use of arthroscopy

Over the past decade, patients and orthopedic surgeons have learned to appreciate the advances in diagnosis and musculoskeletal disorders, made possible by the arthroscope. Recent advances have improved instrumentation and techniques for the treatment of joints arthroscopic body.

Initially, the arthroscope is mainly used by surgeons knee. However, its use has been widely developed and is currently used to treat most other joints. Even the surgeons of the spine using the arthroscope.

The arthroplasty advances

Innovations and improvements in the surfaces, materials, research results and joint practical operational management have worked together for the past 20 years to increase the function and reduce the wear of the implant after procedures involving the replacement of joints. arthroplasty has been a major beneficiary, particularly in alternative technologies area, the discovery of porous materials, rejuvenation surgery, and polyethylene support advances.

Ultrasound growing popularity

Over the past decade, there has been ultrasound imaging clarity. This allowed doctors better diagnose soft tissue defects and the use of technology for tendon healing. The technology has improved dramatically over the past 15 years. This improvement allows increased accuracy to better target specific than other techniques used before the zones.

The evolution of the C-arm

Although invented there more than 50 years, their use has increased in popularity over the last 20 years. Surgeons have found that the use of the C-arm fluoroscopy an almost indispensable tool. Developments such as the mini C-arm and mobile C-arm allows a smaller package of images that can be obtained in many contexts.

MAKOplasty robotic surgical system

The latest advances in orthopedic surgery is the use of robotics MAKOplasty. It is a less invasive and innovative option for joint replacements. The method is performed using a robotic arm system controlled by a surgeon.

It is designed to increase the range of motion and stability. Some of the benefits include the preservation of tissues and bones healthy during precision operations, optimum positioning of the implant and a more natural feel, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery.


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