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The Most Interesting Visits of China


Today we will focus on some of the most interesting places that travelers to explore the holiday in China and enjoy. If you go on a visit to China, do not miss these attractions.Nearby famous attractions include almost many tour packages China as the Great China Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City, we are light on more and more monuments that are worth notable ~~ POS = HEADCOMP very popular and are always worth a visit.The Potala Palace is on the top of Huangshan mountain in the city of Lhasa in Tibet and in China is one of the monuments to be visited by many travelers often visit China.Founded in the 7th century AD, the Potala Palace is about 3,700 meters above sea level. The palace extends over a distance of 360 meters from south to north. The main building of the castle consists of 13 floors with a height of 117 meters.There is also the port of Victoria on the island of Hong Kong is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery. Therefore many tourists wanted to travel to China to visit the port, which is selected to host many outstanding parks and gardens.Another wonderful place in China to visit, is the Li River, which is and attracts many travelers who enjoy their holidays in China one of the longest in the country. The river is 266 km long and its banks are characterized by amazing natural scenes of trees, mountains and forests.there is also the Leshan Giant Buddha Interesting attractions of China. Located in the town of Sichuan, this huge statue of Buddha carved the largest stone Buddha in the world. The view of the Leshan Giant Buddha was drafted in 1990 in the sites of UNESCO World Heritage.Construction, or let the work of art of the statue began in 713 by a monk who dedicated forces rivers Buddha wanted. However, the work for more than 70 years after the death of the monk was interrupted. Then the military commander of the region will be decided at the time to say goodbye and to build the statue fund was now completed in 803. is one of the most interesting monuments is frequently visited by tourists traveling to China.The huge giant Buddha statue in Leshan is 71 meters in height and width between his shoulders is approximately 28 meters. The height of the ears is about 17 m and the height of the head is about 15 meters. This huge piece of art and architecture amaze travelers who visit China.


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